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ATTENTION: For Serious Network Marketers, Direct Sellers, MLMers
Stop Chasing Unicorns!
Learn Why Network Marketing Mythology 
Is Keeping You Stuck!
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Myth #1: 
If She Can Do It, 
I Can Do it. 
Did you know there's a HUGE FLAW in the methods taught today? That flaw makes it impossible for most people to achieve the results they want! I'll share with you what it is and how to avoid it!
Myth #2:
 Affirmation Overload & Other Mindset Myths
I'm just going to say it: 
Most Affirmations are a HUGE WASTE OF TIME! In fact, they may be doing more harm than good. 
I'll explain why and show you what DOES WORK!

Myth #3:
 Dispelling the Duplicaiton Myth 
Have you ever wondered why the system "guaranteed" to duplicate doesn't? Want to know the #1 reason why most teams don't have consistent duplication? 
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